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To parents and carers,


Here are some links to stories and nursery rhymes you can read and sing along to. In nursery, we have been enjoying lots of nursery rhymes that involved counting.

Five Little Speckled Frogs

Five Little Ducks

Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

We were starting to look at the story Dear Zoo in nursery and use as our first Talk for Writing book focus. The children had enjoyed accessing it in the reading area and we have read it together a few times during explore time and circle time at the end of the day.


Here's a link to read it with your child at home.

Dear Zoo (Big Little Book Corner)

Bring stories to life for toddlers with these brilliant video books and activities, for hours of booky fun. In this video, enjoy the story of Dear Zoo by Rod...

Our first few weeks in nursery was spent helping children to settle into their new classroom and play with them. As your child plays, talk to them lots, modelling full sentences, and taking turns sharing resources with you. We had a big focus on their PSED skills, helping them to play with other children and using sentences to communicate how they felt.


We were also helping children with their toileting, getting children to think about when they need the toilet and growing in their independency as they go to the toilet themselves, knowing when their tummy is full and being able to ask to go to the toilet. Lots of tummy action, lying down on the floor to play, draw or mark make helps children with knowing when they need the toilet and ask an adult.

CBeebies has a lovely page dedicated to lots of nursery rhymes. Link down below.