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If you are starting to use these later than 6th January, make sure you start from Day 1 (not the day we are on now) and work through the learning days in order. Each day builds on the last so this is really important to help the learning make sense.

See you on Monday

Fun Friday 5th March

Not long now

Thursday 4th March

5 sleeps!

Wednesday 3rd March

See you in 6 sleeps!

Tuesday 2nd March

See you in 7 sleeps!

Monday 1st March


10 sleeps until we are all back together!

Friday 26th February - Fun Friday

11 sleeps until we are back together!

Thursday 25th February

Day 31 - Wednesday 24th February
Day 30th - Tuesday 23rd February
Day 29 - Monday 22nd February

Day 28 - Friday 12th February

Remember for Todays learning...


Day 27 - Thursday 11th February
Day 26 - Wednesday 10th February
Day 25 - Tuesday 9th February
Day 24 - Monday 8th February
Day 23 - Friday 5th February
Day 22 - Thursday 4th February
Day 21 - Wednesday 3rd February
Day 20- Tuesday 2nd February
Day 19 - Monday 1st February
Day 18 - Friday 29th January
Day 17 - Thursday 28th January
Day 16 - Wednesday 27th January
Day 15 - Tuesday 26th January
Day 14 - Monday 25th January
Day 13 - Friday 22nd January
Day 12 - Thursday 21st January
Day 11- Wednesday 20th January
Day 10 - Tuesday 19th January
Day 9 - Monday 18th January
Day 8 - Friday 15th January
Day 7 - Thursday 14th January
Day 6 - Wednesday 13th January
Day 5 - Tuesday 12th January

Day 4 - Monday 11th January

Day 3-Friday 8th January
Day 2-Thursday 7th January
Day 1-Wednesday 6th January
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