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Games are all about Collaborating!


This half term we are collaborating to learn lots of different playground games and we are practising playing them with our friends.


So far we have enjoyed "What time is it Mr Wolf!" and "May we Cross Your Golden River?"




We have been learning a clapping rhyme too called A Sailor went to Sea and a ring game called In and out the Dusty Bluebells.



Here we are playing Scarecrow Tig and Duck Duck Goose.

How to be a Collaborative Cara in games by Silver Birch


*Stick to the rules


* Try to notice if someone hasn't had a turn and let them have a turn




Well done Silver Birch. Collaborative Cara is proud of you and says well done for these reflections.







Miss Mary Mack

A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea Hand Clapping Game

In and out the dusty bluebells