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The Wildlife Garden Poem by Aspen


White willow waving in the wildlife garden.

Smooth stones.

Gravel, grass, ground.

Wooden wall.

Beautiful bug hotel breeding bugs by the bottom of the garden.

Gravel on the ground.

Warm willow.

Wriggly rope.

Plenty of plants.

WC 18th April Give it a Grow week. We have been exploring our new wildlife garden and used it to inspire an amazing, alliterative class poem!

WC 6th March 2017 - Art in Action! As part of our materials theme and English, we have used the book The Tin Forest. We have studied the illustrations and compared them. We have used these as a stimulus for sketching and water washing!

WC 27th February 2017  Week 2 - Materials in detail.

This link takes you to a  materials song - have a look and a singalong.


We have walked around school this week identifying different materials and discussing their uses.  We have started to describe the properties of materials using some of the following words...


Image result for properties of materials


We also found objects that were made of more than one material and discussed why!

Spring 2 - Week One What is it made of?


This week we have begun our enquiry centred around materials and their uses. 

We sorted lots of everyday objects into sets once we had held them and looked at them closely.


We named the materials - wood, fabric, plastic, rubber, glass, ceramic, metal, stone.


Click the link below to explore aspects of materials -