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Animal reports

We have been learning all about non chronological reports over the past half term. We learnt all about the features and then wrote a joint one on 'Tigers'. We then wrote some of our own reports about an animal from the story 'The Tin Forest'. Have a look at some of our beautiful writing!

The Papaya that Spoke

We have been learning a new story map in Hawthorn. Can you retell the story to a grown up?

The Bog Baby

Children have really enjoyed learning all about Bog Babies! After reading the book, Hawthorn class have done lots of work such as, acting out the story, sequencing the story and lots of work using description. Have a look at what we have been doing below!

Acting the story out

Making sandwiches!

Gorilla from the book 'Gorilla loves Vanilla' wrote to Hawthorn and asked them to make some weird and wonderful sandwiches and then to go and write some instructions for him!

Here are some of the children eating their delicious sandwiches!

Children then wrote some instructions to match the picture. They used time connectives, adverbs and bossy words (imperative verbs).