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Elm Class - Year 1B

Dear Parents and Carers,

Hopefully you are liking the new style layout of our class page.

We will be uploading new content to the different areas - please be patient, and as always we welcome any feedback you may have that can help us make the pages the best they can be!

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Miss Miles

Reflective Ralph!


Monday morning and Elm class are in a reflective mood!

Sanavi was our first reflective Ralph, using her phonics to change her sentence as a purple pen of power challenge.

Arya noticed there was a mistake on the hundred square and was able to explain why he needed to change the position of the numbers.

Kurtis finished his task and then used a hundred square to check his answers.


Go Reflective Ralphs!!!!

Week Beginning 06/06/2016


Little Pig, Little Pig, Let me come in......



This week in Elm, we have been learning a new story, 'The Three Little Pigs.' We have made story maps, acted out the story and put the main events of the story into blocks all to help us in preparation for changing it and making our own! Can you retell the story using all of our talk 4 writing actions?


Junk Model Rockets


To complete our topic on space, Elm decided to make their own rockets. They selected their own materials and got busy working collaboratively to build rockets. There were some super inventive ideas, with rocket boosters, jet packs and special living quarters galore. After the children had made their own rockets we went outside to watch our very own rocket launch. We were very impressed with how high Mr Wagstaff could shoot the rocket into the sky. Zoom!!

The children in Elm were awarded  a tea party to celebrate getting the most leaves at lunchtime for showing the 'lunchtime 5' in the dinner hall.

They had such a fun time using ( possibly! ) the Queen's tea service! They practised drinking their tea with their pinkies up and daintily ate French fancies. Well done Elm!

As part of the launch of our new learning superhero, Reflective Ralph, each class was set a challenge. The challenge was to produce a whole class piece of artwork for the 'Lane End Art Gallery.' We then kept getting set new challenges to reflect on and improve our piece of art ( as we all know that Reflective Ralph loves a green for growth challenge). The children loved working collaboratively and really thought carefully as to how they could improve their artwork each time they came to it.  They added more colour and more texture.We were all very proud of the final piece, which the children voted to call, ' the sonic and the boom' as imaginatively thought up by Vanessa! It looked wonderful hung in the hall for the parents to see.



This week in Elm we have been reading some books to help us to understand our new super power Reflective Ralph. We talked about the lessons that the books taught us. Here are some of the things our children had learnt.


"Don't be afraid to try something new." Laila Grace


" Its alright to make mistakes because you can't live without making mistakes. We can learn from it!" - Kurtis


"The girl that was riding the bike fell many times, but didn't give up. In the end, her did it!" Geovanni


" We do not give up." - Victoria


" You can do anything like bubble popping or jumping in a big pond!" - Rayhaan


" Your brain will get stronger if you learn new things." Sanavi






We have been busy in Elm thinking about counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. We love to sing these songs to help us to remember how to count in these numbers. We also like to count out our milk in twos and each other in fives to help us to remember!

Halves and Quarters


We have started thinking about fractions in Elm. We have talked about halving and quartering shapes and halving and quartering amounts. We love talking about how was need 'equal amounts' and can discuss if we have split shapes equally.

This meant we got to spend more time in our teaching kitchen!! We made pizzas and put different toppings onto each half of the pizza, then baked buns and decorated them in quarters. Our finished products were not just yummy but equal too!  Can you halve or quarter food at home?

Jack and the Beanstalk has inspired us in Elm class. We have used talk 4 writing actions to remember and retell the story. This has helped us to not only use fabulous story book language, but has made our writing amazing!! Miss Miles has been so impressed to read words such as 'huge' and 'in the distance' in our writing.


A huge thank you for all of the videos that were sent to our parent's email of your children retelling Jack and The Beanstalk at home. The children have really enjoyed watching these during snack and chat and it has been wonderful to hear how confident our children are at telling stories to Mums and Dads!

World Book Day


World Book day was FANTASTIC at Lane End Primary School. So many children came dressed as their favourite book character and children in Elm loved sharing their favourite stories with one another throughout the day.

We particularly loved listening to stories in some of the children's home language. Ryan's mum very kindly read our class 'Farmer Duck' in Mandarin. Here are some of the things the children thought about it.


Armaan - " It sounded different but it was so good."


Ryan - " So cool!"


Peyton - " It was awesome because Ryan's Mummy is good at reading in Mandarin"


Rayhaan - " I liked the way that she was saying the words."


Geovanni - " It was fabulous. I liked how she was saying,' how goes the work,' the same everytime."

World Book day in Elm

04.03.2016 - HOMEWORK


Next week in English we will be continuing to learn the story of ‘ Jack and the Beanstalk.’ The children are now super confident retelling the story using talk4writing actions. Can you ask your child to retell the story? Can you draw a story map of the story? Can you draw the characters of the story?


If your child tells you the story, it would be lovely if you could film it and send it to our school email for us to watch in snack and chat!


 Our email address is







Mrs Britton set the children a challenge today to complete at home


With World Book Day just around the corner, we would love to see how much you enjoy reading at home!

Can you take a picture of you reading and send it into the school's e-mail address at


You might take a picture of you sharing a bed time story, reading to a little brother or sister, reading a sign or label at the supermarket. Reading is everywhere so get creative! We can't wait to share your reading pictures.


This week we got to work on the school laptops! We had a go at logging on, navigating onto a programme and logging off. We were such Responsible Reggies with the equipment and  had lots to say about the ICT that is used at home. It was  so interesting to hear about remote control toys, tablets and computers that children use at home.

Tropical World


What a fabulous time we all had at Tropical World to finish our theme, ' What animals meet in the wild?' The children were a credit to the school, polite and respectful all day. They loved seeing the different animals on show, especially the meerkats! A particular highlight of the day was the picnic and the park. View the slideshow to see some of our highlights.



As part of our theme, 'What animals will meet in the wild?' we looked at different animals structures and how they were adapted to their environment. The children loved singing the adaptation camel rap and burst into song all the time! Practise singing it again and again  ( and again and again! )






 After looking at adaptation, we explored different animals skeletons. We had some real skeletons to observe and were very surprised by the amount of bones that make up a skeleton. Using art straws we made our own animal skeletons. The children thought so carefully about each animal. The crocodile and fish were particularly challenging and took a lot of patience! The children were really proud of their finished pieces and decided they were good enough to go in an art gallery.