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Easter/Spring Fun - Ideas for fun at home!

If you go down to the woods today....


Make a heart from leaves and sticks and send to a photo of it to a friend or loved one

Collect fallen blossoms and leaves of all shapes to make a nature collage when you get home
On your walk can you make a leaf kebab? Send pictures to us!
Recreate some daffodils in leaves and natural objects
Collect fallen blossom and make perfume water when you get home
Make a mini garden with moss, leaves and only thing you can find. See the picture
Create a nature journal
Make some Easter egg designs with leaves and bits of natural things you find on your walk
Write a message for your famlily or friends in sticks
Make a stick man/ look out for stick men
Use cardboard boxes to make butterfly wings or fairy wings and glue decorations on as you walk
Collect natural objects to make a catapult! Experiment with how far you can make your ammo travel!