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Creative challenge

Create a chart to record the weather.

Label the chart with days of the week and record the weather at different point in the day.

Can you write down key words and take a photograph of the sky.

Does it change in the week?




Watch the weather report on T.V.

How do they describe the weather?

What do you notice about the map?

Can you find Leeds on the map?

Have they got symbols when they are talking about the weather?

Different weather charts to make...

What a load of rubbish!

With your child look at the rubbish as a family you throw out. Do you help to recycle?

How do you sort these into junk and into recycling?

Look at the range of items and group them into different material groups.

Talk to a family member about how certain groups are plastics and can also look and feel different to each other.

Could you design a new way to help recycle more items?

Rainbows are all over the place at the moment.

Take a look at these rainbow crafts. Can you make one?


Make a rainbow out of skittles.

Place some skittles in a shallow plate in a circle.

Add water (not so much that it covers the entire skittles) and watch what happens.

Send us photos of what you see!