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  1. Design a pirate treasure map. Add labels to all the geographical features.
  2. With a grown up, can you find ways to make your treasure map look old using things in your house?
  3. Make a compass to help a pirate navigate in their ship. Add north, south, east, west. Could you add even more detailed directions like north west?
  4. Build a pirate ship using things you have in your house. Remember to include as many technical parts as you can such as  masts, crows nest, rigging, figurehead, plank.
  5. Look at a map of the Caribbean. Can you find out the names of some of the seas, islands and countries that pirates would have visited?
  6. Can you copy the dance and sing the song using the When I was one video?
  7. Design your own pirate flag.
  8. Use a tutorial to have a go at a challenging pirate drawing 
  9. Create a pirate dance to the theme tune to Pirates of the Caribbean. Can you tell a pirate story through dance?  

How To Draw a PIRATE

Pirates Of The Caribbean Soundtrack - Main Theme