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Collaborative Cara

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Testimony was a Collaborative Cara helping to keep our cloakroom tidy. Thank you Testimony!
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Lacey was a collaborative Cara today. She made her own number line, then helped Levon to fill in the missing numbers on his number line. What a caring friend Lacey!

Collaborative Cara's -November

Collaborative Cara's -November 1
What an amazing collaborative project! These children planned a rocket, complete with boosters and little models of themselves as astronauts, before making it a reality. Super learning powers in action.
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Joshua is such a collaborative Cara. Today he demonstrated this by noticing a friend wanting support with forming his numbers. Joshua jumped into action and said, " you can use this!" Always helpful, thank you Josh!

Collaborative Cara's October

Collaborative Cara's October  1
Azhe and Zinedine were Collaborative Cara's making number bonds together.
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Picture 2

In a dark dark house, there was a dark, dark cellar and in the dark, dark cellar some skeletons lived.....

Jade, Isabelle and Jack collaborated to make a Funnybones house. If you peep through the door, there are the Funnybones skeletons. " You can't see it Miss Miles, it's dark, you need a torch," said Jade! Wonderful Collaborative Cara work!

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Danyaal and Igor were collaborative Cara's today because they worked together to play a more and less game in their independent learning. They helped each other to use our maths vocabulary, " more" and    "less" and listened so carefully to one another. Super job boys!