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Can you make a dream come true?

Can you make a dream come true?

October 2019
What an exciting week! The children in Hawthorn had been patiently waiting and wondering what their first challenge could be. In assembly we were given a shiny gold envelope to take back to class.
Zack rang the bell to signal to the rest of the school that we were about to start our challenge.

When we got back to class, we read it and found out it was an ASPIRE challenge, we had to think about how to make a dream come true. To help us achieve our challenge, we learnt all about Martin Luther King Jr, and how his dreams and actions made a positive and lasting impact on the world.


Over the week we thought about what dreams we would like to make for our future, our friends and family aswell as our school community and the wider world.



Martin Luther King Jr also inspired us to make changes in our school community. Look out for our fantastic posters that are dotted around the school and playground.