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Can you ask what a word means?

Over the next few weeks Aspen are going to try to become excellent at finding out what words mean that we read or hear.


Hopefully, grown-ups at home will get asked, "What does that mean?" about new, exciting words you see together when you are reading.


Please let us know about any new words you read and find out about so we can share them with the rest of Aspen.



Un means not or reverse. Look at our learning about un.

In December, we have been working on using clues inside words to help us to work out what they mean. The suffixes ing, ed and er have been helping us.

We found some words we didn't understand in our fireworks poem:


zooming    spectacular    whistling    sizzling     rockets     booming    sparklers


And we set about finding out what they mean!

We have tried out these strategies

We put our words into a new sentence to help us remember what they mean.