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Can I be the next turbo jet designer?

Can I Be The Next Turbo Jet Designer? 


This half term our topic has been all about transport. We looked at transport throughout history comparing past and present transport. 

The children have learnt about a variety of different transport methods including cars, boats, submarines, different methods of flights and also hot air balloons. 


We also looked at the first female solo pilot Amy Johnson who flew to Australia. We found a time capsule in the wildlife garden containing A newspaper article, a photograph and a letter dating back to the 1930's!

In English we looked at the story Mrs Armitage on wheels. We used talk for write to help us retell the story. We then planned and wrote our own stories changing the character and the problem! 

To help their understanding of new historical vocab such as  Past and Present the children enjoyed exploring the role play museum and looking at pictures of them in the past as babies. 

As a class we enjoyed looking at a timeline with key dates such as the dinosaurs, when they were born and when they started school.



In provision some of the children chose to make rockets in the construction area!

The children enjoyed learning about different methods of flight such as rockets, airplanes and hot air balloons. We collected lots of recycling over the half term and created our own Rockets!