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Can a Bog Baby live at Lane End Primary School?

In Year 2 this week we have been creating our own 'shoebox habitats'. Every child designed their own habitat, they thought carefully about which materials they would need and how they could make it look like their chosen habitat. We then evaluated our designs, talking about what went well, what problems they faced and how they could improve their design if they were to make it again. We even wrote our own set of instructions on how to make a shoebox habitat so they could make it again at home!

Our own pond habitats

We found a Bog Baby!

On Tuesday we had a special mission to find something that had been sneakily hiding in our Wildlife Garden! We looked high and low for a creature and eventually found it. Year 2 had lots of questions about the creature, such as: How did it get there? Where does it come from? What does it eat? It even left us a book which told us it was a Bog Baby! We read the story and found out lots about what a Bog Baby is.
We are beginning our new topic by learning about different habitats.
Activities to support your learning can be found on the link below:  Have fun!