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Beech Class - Reception B

If you would like a WOW slip to fill in at home feel free to pick one up from Beech Class, you can spot your child being a Responsible Reggie or Thoughtful Theo!

This term our theme is Jack and the Beanstalk! The children have already enjoyed retelling the story using our Talk for Writing actions. I am sure that you will love hearing all about Jacks adventures, the children have already come up with some great alternatives to the story. Remember feel free to video your child telling their stories and send them to our parent email.


What an exciting first week back! The children have enjoyed our 'Robot' themed science week!

The children are producing lots of fantastic writing at the moment. Ivy has written her own story at her and made it into a real book!

A moment in time.....the children are as busy as ever creating, constructing and collaborating!

This week the children were invited for a 'Tennis Taster' session! The children had lots of fun!

The children have been busy visiting the garden again! This time we came back to class with a variety of vegetables from our garden...and a little friend called Steve the Caterpillar!

And so a busy first term came to an end in Lane End Reception and we now look forward to what lies ahead, Autumn, cold weather and lots and lots of things to do!

What a busy term we've had!