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Basic skills

WC 8th May 2017

WC 20th March 2017 This week's basic skills task - changing present tense to the past tense.

WC 6th March 2017 This week we have been looking at how to use CONJUNCTIONS to extend sentences. Please help your child complete the task below. It is stuck in their learning log. Thank you

WC 21st February 2017 This week we have been focusing on the mathematical skill of halving shapes and amounts. Please help your child complete this halving sheet at home. Thank you.

Money Game

Please click this link to practise having a go at making amounts of money.

W/C 30/1/17

Finish the sentences using and, but, because or so. Use your Lane End handwriting. Now make up some of your own.

You can have an apple


Ted can’t play football


Kate had a cake


The crocodile was big

WC 23rd January, 2016

WC 9th January 2017 (handed in on Thursday 13th January please)

WC 5th December (Handed in Thursday 15th please)

WC 21st November 2016.