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Autumn 2- People who help us

The children in Willow class have loved learning about animals who help us this week. On Monday Thelma and her two guide dogs Paige and Saber came to visit us. We learnt all about how the dogs help blind people, Willow class couldn't believe how clever the dogs were!
We had a very special visitor in the week to help us solve our mystery. On Monday somebody came into school and stole Daisy & William and left a random note for £100,000. We collected lots of evidence and went on the hunt for them using magnifying glasses. A policeman came and told us all about his job, hopefully the mystery disappearance of Daisy & William will be solved! 
Disaster struck this week when Reception noticed a cat was stuck on the roof! We collected all our ideas together on how we could save the cat, some of us thought a fireman would be perfect and could use a tall ladder to get the cat down. Willow class learnt all about how to be safe in a fire at school or home, they even practised the 'STOP, DROP, COVER and ROLL.'
This half term we are learning all about people who help us. This week Reception were fantastic at helping Miss Thomas and Mrs Widdop when we had chicken pox. They spoke about ringing 999 and getting a doctor to take us to hospital. They checked our temperature, made us some yucky medicine and even put us in the recovery position. We have definitely got some aspiring doctors and nurses in Willow class!