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Extreme Reading

Amazing examples of reading in all different kinds of places - Elm are a bunch of extreme readers!

Letter to Santa

Sienna's mummy was very proud to show us Sienna's writing from home, in her letter to Santa. We are so proud too Sienna - I'm sure your wonderful writing will mean that Santa will be able to put your wishes onto his list!

Jack brought in a crab shell that he had discovered at the weekend in Filey. The children had so many questions for Jack who was very knowledgeable about them. He told us that you can eat crab and that it is yummy, which some children found interesting, as some children had never heard of this.

His discovery led to some fantastic conversations of crabs who had pinched buckets at the seaside, aunties eating snails and finding different things in rockpools! What a fabulous conversation starter, thank you Jack!

3d shape hunt homework

What an amazing hunt Danyaal, super learning at home!

Leaf hunting homework

Children's homework was to collect leaves. Thanks for you wonderful examples of learning at home.

Isabelle had her hair cut at the weekend. After hearing about the work of the little princess trust, who take donations of hair for poorly children who need it, Isabelle decided that she would like to donate her hair.

What a kind and thoughtful thing to do Isabelle, we think you did such a selfless thing and that you look beautiful with your new hair cut! A definite wow moment!