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Aliens continued........

We received a letter from the aliens this week, asking for examples of our best independent work in exchange for our patterned pants are some of our attempts!


Aliens Love Underpants


This week our learning has been around the book, 'Aliens Love Underpants.' We read the book and made a pair of patterned pants which we hung on our 'pant tree'. Unfortunately the next day, the pants had gone missing!!!! In their place was this letter from the aliens.

Well, the children were so cross! They have spent their independent challenge time thinking of ways to get their pants back. Keep your fingers crossed that these amazing ideas work Elm!




Our learning this half term is around 'Space'. The children have spent this week thinking all about, " what is out there?" They have made rockets for a journey into space, explored non fiction texts and developed a role play space station. What a creative bunch you are Elm!

Jonah reads Leafman

There are some lovely retellings of Leaf Man on the internet, but Elm especially enjoyed listening to this one. We hope you enjoy sharing it at home!

Leaf Man challenges

Using the leaves that we had collected ( and a few special bits collected by Jack - thank you Jack!) we decided to make our own leaf men. We had some beautiful designs and I am sure that there would be a leaf friend for Leaf Man among our designs. Wow Elm!

This week we have been thinking all about the story, 'Leaf Man.' To begin our work on leaf man, the children went leaf hunting in our local area. They used a chart and armed with clip board and pencil, looked for leaves of different colours, shapes and sizes.

Lucas was particularly disappointed that we didn't see a squirrel as he wanted to mark it off on his chart. Better luck next time Lucas!

Over half term, the children's homework was to collect different leaves, thinking about size, shape and colour.

When they arrived on the first day of term, a man was drawn outside. Parents and children  were asked to stick their leaves onto the giant picture. The children were buzzing wondering what they would be learning about and were keen to show off all of the different leaves they had found during their hunts in the holidays.

Year 1 'What do I know about me?' Art Gallery

To finish our theme on 'What do I know about me?' we held an art gallery in the hall. Parents were invited to come and view the portraits that the children had carefully painted this half term. Look at how proud they were to show mummies and daddies!

Week commencing 10.10.16

We made soap as part of our enquiry question, " how do you keep squeaky clean?" The children followed each step, then wrote instructions on how to make soap for other people.

We have started looking at addition in year 1. The children played a tooth fairy game where they had to collect teeth! They then had to add how many them and their partner had 'altogether.'

Why not practise this at home? You can add how many goals are scored in a football game, how many sweets you and your sister/ brother collect at Halloween or how many peas on yours and your mummy/daddy's plate? Don't forget to use the maths language, 'more' and 'altogether' when adding.

Shark in the Park!


In English this week we have been exploring the Nick Sharratt book, 'Shark in the Park.' We have been thinking about the repetition in the story and saying sentences from the story.

We have had such fun making telescopes,  writing what we can see and rehearsing the story.

More and less


We have been exploring more and less in Maths. The children have been using the language, "more, less and equal."  We have then been thinking about explaining our decisions. Why not try some problem solving at home, for example, " Mummy has 12 grapes and you have 17 grapes, who has more? Who has less? How do you know?"

"Mummy has more. 17 is a bigger number than 12. I have less"