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‘Learn and Believe, Aspire and Achieve’

Autumn 1 - It's all about me!

This half term we have been learning all about ourselves! Willow class have been creating self portraits, looking really carefully in the mirror at what their face actually looks like. We have also been thinking about our families and what they look like, as well as where we live. Lots of the children in willow class have been busy drawing, making or building their houses and we even had a house made for a caterpillar and worm! Following on from our theme we have been discussing about how to keep our bodies healthy, we have made our own healthy lunchboxes, learnt all about why we have to brush our teeth and even explored our sense of smell by doing a smell test. We have definitely been very, very busy Willows this half term!

Keeping ourselves healthy!

We have been creating our own self portraits!