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Activities for younger children

Have you watched Supertato yet?

Here are some other Supertato stories you might like to listen to...

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Books Alive! Read aloud Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet's fantastically funny bestselling superhero franchise Supertato! Watch out evil Pea! More funny reads here...

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Make a trap to trap the Evil Pea.

Remember we just want to trap him so he will need airholes.

Think about how big he is and what size trap you’ll need to make.


Do you have any frozen peas in your freezer?

How many do you estimate there are?


In Veggies Assemble, the vegetables are having a race.

Can you hold a vegetable race?

Which vegetables roll the best?

Which hardly move at all when you push them?


Set your own challenges just like the vegetables.

How many times can you jump in 1 minute?

How fast can you run?

Can you think of your own sporty challenges?


Can you do some potato printing today? Make sure an adult helps you to cut your vegetables in half.