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What the Ladybird Heard | What the Labybug Heard | stories read aloud

What the Ladybird Heard by Julia Donaldson. Children's picture book and sound effects made by my little girl. Check out

Now that you have heard the story try these challenges.


In the story you can see a map. Draw a map of the farm. Where would the animals go? Where might we see the ladybird? You might add a barn, some fields or even a wood.

Play ladybird drive (beetle drive.)

You will need a dice

Ask a grown up to help you draw the outline of ladybird...(See below)

Take it in turns to roll the dice.

Roll a 1 to colour a leg in.

If yo roll a 2 colour in the antenna etc.


Find a stone on your walk. Paint or colour it to look like a ladybird.

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