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Activities for younger children

Draw a picture of a dragon - label it using your phonics.

Watch Zog

Zog is trying to earn his stars by learning new things.

What new things can you learn to do?

  • Zip up your coat
  • make a piece of toast
  • make your bed
  • skip in your garden

Send in pictures once you have mastered your new skill.



Zog wants to win a golden star.

Can you make golden stars, cut them out and get a grown up to hide them around the house.

Can you find them?

Think about how many more you need to find.

Can you write number sentences about what you have found out?



Dress up in your finest Knight or Princess clothes.

Can you pretend to be a Knight or a Princess?

Can you rescue someone from the Dragon?



Make and decorate Dragon eggs.

Hard boil some eggs and paint and decorate them to become Dragon eggs. 

You might put them outside and make a nest for them.


Can you make up a story about something that could happen to your egg.


Parents you might hide an egg and the children have to figure out what has happened to it.



Would you like a pet dragon?

What would it need?

Draw and label a list of the things your pet pet dragon would need.

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