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A Look Around Our Nursery

Role Play Area


We love to play make believe and dress up in our role play area. When we dress up we like to move in different ways and change our voices to get into character. We have very good imaginations and this year we will be playing mummies and daddies, doctors, vets, shop keepers, pirates, bears, princes and princesses to name just a few. You have to be good at pretending to come into this area and anything is possible! A chair can quickly turn into a carriage ready to take you to the royal ball. Oh and watch out for the scary witch, she loves to turn boys and girls into frogs!

Construction Area


We love building with the bricks and making models in the construction area. We can pretend that we're just like Bob the Builder and Wendy and we like to build very tall towers, houses, cars and trains. We will give anything a whirl with our trusty tool bag! 

Maths Area


We enjoy learning how to play lots of new games in our Numeracy Area and we practise sharing fairly with our friends. We can play games on the floor, on the window sill or on the workbench. We learn how to play with the Numicon and to order the plates from 1-10. We learn how to recognise numbers from 1-10 and sometimes ever bigger numbers. We use the sorting trays to sort objects. We like sorting the 'Compare Bears' by colour and by size. There are small, medium and large bears. We also learn how to put objects into size order from the smallest to the largest. We talk about 'heavy' and 'light'. Using the balance scales is really fun and we like to see which toys are heaviest. We like putting the same amount of 'Compare Bears' or Numicon plates into both of the bucket scales to try and make them balance. There are lots of jigsaws in the Maths Area too which we love to complete. As well as learning our numbers we play games which help us to learn our colours and shapes too. We like to lie on the floor and read number books or play with the dominoes. Every week there's always something different for us to do.

Book Nook


Our book nook is a really cosy den in Nursery and we look to read and talk about books in here. We have lots of different books to look at. Some books just have pictures in them, some books have a couple of words in and some books have lots of words in them. We have some fluffy friends and puppets in here too so we can re-tell stories or just read to a cuddly friend. We love it when our teachers read stories to us here too. We have special story telling books, where we read the story together and learn the actions.

Finger Gym


Each week we have a new finger gym challenge. Our finger gym helps us strengthen the muscles in our fingers so we can hold our pencils and writing tools properly. This makes it easier for us to learn how to write our name, letters and words.

Water Area


Our water area is always busy because we love to splish and splash in there with our friends. We like it when our water area changes, like when we have warm water, freezing cold icy water, coloured water, soapy water, gloop, porridge or jelly. Most of all though we love to practice pouring, filling and emptying into lots of different sized contains. We also love it when the boats and sea creatures come to join us too.

Sand Area


We enjoy doing lots of fun things in our sand pit. We like wet sand and dry sand because you can do different things with it. When it's wet we can build enormous sand castles, mountains and moats. When it's dry we can sprinkle and sieve it on anything. We have lots of different things in our sand pit like number moulds, dinosaurs, pirates and buried treasure to name a few. We also like to play with lots of natural materials in here such as shells, wood, stones, leaves, pine cones and conkers. 

Creative Area


We love learning how to make and paint different models, so we're always gluing, cutting and sticking. We use ready mixed paint and powder paint in all the colours of the rainbow, which also helps us to learn our colours. We learn how to make different shades of colour and how to mix colours together. We will learn that red and white makes pink and that black and white makes grey. We play with patterns and shapes in this area too and we can choose to use circle, square, triangle or rectangle shaped paper. We also look at the boxes and shapes our models are made of. It often gets messy in this area but that's why we love it so much. We go through a lot of paint and glue because we are so creative at Lane End. We are all artists don't you know?!

Mark Making Area


We love our mark-making area as there's always lots to do. We can doddle and squiggle following different patterns and lines, write lists, make booklets, and complete postcards. We like mark-making on huge rolls of paper and some of us like to rest on a clipboard to do our writing. We also love to write letters and put them into envelopes. We're great at drawing pictures and colouring in too. During our time in Nursery we learn to recognise our name and have a go at writing it too. We also start to learn our first letter sounds and explore rhyming and CVC words.

Playdough Area


The playdough area is fantastic because we get to stretch, mould, squeeze and squash the playdough into just about anything. We're great at making buns and gingerbread men, which we cook in the oven and then gobble up straight away. We get to use lots of tools in this area to cut and shape the playdough. We also like to roll it into balls, sausages and wiggly worms. We like it when the playdough changes colour or has glitter in to make it sparkly. Sometimes its smells lovely too, mmmmmmmmmm strawberry. 



We are all big boys and girls and go to the toilets all by ourselves. We always try and remember to wash our hands using lots of soap and hot water, although sometimes we need reminding surprise



Our cloakroom is very important in Nursery because we use it a lot. We try very hard to zip up our own coats before we go out to play. We try to keep our cloakroom nice and tidy with everything on our pegs. In the Autumn and Winter time we have a special place to keep our wellies before we go splish, splashing in the puddles. We also have waterproof suits to wear on those really rainy days.