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Home Learning Challenge 1st December 2017

Home Learning Challenge 1st December 2017 1

The home learning for the week beginning 27th November is to investigate the 'balance' maths game following the link below.

We have been learning how to show that two (or more) calculations can balance each other

e.g. 4 + 4 = 5 + 3 (both sides add up to 8)

We have been using this game to help us learn and we enjoyed it very much indeed.


The nrich site is full of great games for mastery in maths.

Have a browse with your parents/carers.

This week's home learning is on subtraction.

Children can show their understanding of the questions in any way they choose.

These subtractions are for us to see how much your child remembers from year 1.

Children can demonstrate further understanding by making their own.




Children also have a spelling sheet to practise every week.

Spelling tests are held on Fridays.

Please feel free to put the words into sentences on the back of the sheet.


Half term homework

Half term homework 1
Home Learning Task: 6th October 2017

The children have different number sequences in their learning logs. Each child has a number square to help them complete the sequences.

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Video of Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion

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