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The best kind of homework...


Here at Lane End children and grown ups work together to do their homework in their Learning Logs. The children learn lots from talking it through with a grown up and being encouraged to respond. It is great when the children do as much as they can by themselves as this helps them to learn better.


In Early Years, look out for regular newsletters that will give you ideas of how to support learning at home.

Each half term the children in Year 1- Year 4 will have a 'Homework Menu' sent home - so that they can choose what home learning tasks they want to tackle, in any order they like.


Great examples are shared and celebrated each week in class.

Homework Club Superstars

Homework Club Superstars 1

The children were true Collaborative Caras in Homework Club and used a replica model of a Tudor house to give them design ideas about how to build their own model.


They used 3 different size boxes, getting wider as the house got higher as this is what Tudor families did to give themselves more living space in busy, cramped towns.


The children carefully covered the boxes in brick patterns for the first floor, then Casey Marie helped her friends with putting a white plaster design with black beams in the top two floors. The children worked carefully to get the designs drawn on just right! The windows had a criss-cross material added to show the leaded glass design, and Brandon made a splendid wooden door, which Joshua finished off with a door knob and knocker.


What a marvellous Tudor House model – well done children!

Mrs  Britton & Mrs Askham

Rayhaan is very proud of his homework - well done!

Rayhaan is very proud of his homework - well done! 1

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